Meeting with Alain Giger,

Coach and Healing Medium,

Catalyst of your dreams!

He gently strokes his white beard of an old sage before resting on me his sparkling eyes like those of a child: “Yes, I was Cartesian. But I grew up. I welcomed the infinite and understood that what we qualify as rational is only a tiny part of the real. »Born in 1962 in the Swiss Jura, Alain Giger is an extraordinary character. An automobile mechanic, he became a computer engineer and then head of international companies before giving up everything to pursue a career as a healing medium. A large incomprehensible gap without a deep dive into his career, discovering a man who knew how to reconcile the irreconcilable: consulting and magnetism, the visible and the invisible.

An engineer by training, Alain entered working life like a rocket. His technical facilities, his energy and his great interpersonal skills invariably lead him to take the reins of the company that employs him. At 38, he was propelled CEO of Swisscom France. He will then multiply the positions of CEO of Nexus Telecom in Zurich at the Geneva headquarters of EP Electricité. He then managed 250 employees, a budget of 35 million, 4 subsidiaries… until the spring of 2009 when he was required to “reduce the wing. “No more investments, it's time for layoffs. On board his rocket flying from success to success, Alain understands that it has been launched towards nowhere and that he is lost.


Look out the window

During all this time, when Alain was not striving only to increase the profits of his employers, he read and studied assiduously. Books of philosophy in particular. He draws from this metaphysical culture the strength to lift his nose from his cockpit and look out the window. Faced with the immensity of possibilities, the fundamentals of his education are shattered: “I am a pure product of the productivist society. Since I was little, I have been trained to work hard, to resist pressure. Why ? And why ? Alain decides to eject himself from the rocket that has been imposed on him and start all over again. Like Alfred de Musset's Perdican, he wants to be able to look back on his life and say "it is I who have lived, and not a fictitious being created by my pride and my boredom".


As a teenager, he found in Le Matin des magiciens, an introduction to fantastic realism by the French engineer Jacques Bergier, his passion for the extraordinary. “During my 25-year career in“ doing it ”, my head has always been in“ being ”,” says Alain Giger. After this book, more than 1,000 others will pass before his eyes, all dealing with the invisible and the paranormal, from the international bestseller The third eye by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa to Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch who gives this advice to its readers: "First turn to the highest thought about yourself, imagine yourself as you would be if you lived that thought every day, imagine what you would think, do and say and how you would respond to what others would do and say. "

Listen to the voice deep inside


Taking this precept literally, Alain finally listens to this voice deep within him that he has stifled for years: healing people is what really drives him. With the door to his CEO office closed behind him, he got into his car to go to the commercial register to register the consulting company "Alain Giger". The next day, he sets up a room in his house in Grand-Lancy: this will be his first healer's office. Now without income, Alain does not even knock on the unemployment door. His unwavering faith in his project and the total support of his wife - who does not work to dedicate herself to the education of their two children aged 7 and 9 - are enough for him. “Everything was very clear in my mind,” he recalls.


Almost three decades of reading esoteric essays and listening to lectures from his spiritual mentors (Haziel, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov) provide him with a solid theoretical basis. It remains to put it into practice. He empties his 2nd pillar and goes to India for a seminar of Master Guruji Sri Vast. Conquered, he will follow a dozen others and participate in retreats organized by the communities created by the master. Meditation becomes second nature for Alain who practices it for over an hour each morning, before sunrise. He completes it all with training as a bioenergetic osteopath and begins to talk around him about his new activity as a healer.


Cultivate your garden


Thanks to word of mouth, the first patients are not long in coming. He installs them on the massage table he has installed at home and runs his hands around them. He feels their energy, perceives their blockages, dissolves their pain. Its support also involves listening and dialogue. But the cabinet is far from full. He doesn't even see a patient a day. Times are hard. Debts are piling up. To ensure a decent life for his family, Alain founded Sunecom SA in 2010, a consulting company for changing companies and coaching for professionals in career transition. But there is no question of redoing the mistakes of the past and forgetting his primary ambition: he is staying the course.


Five years and three changes of premises later, his office is always full. His activity as a healer is no longer secondary. Alain took his life in hand to make his dream come true. He now heals in a pretty Quai du Mont-Blanc lounge with a view of Lake Geneva. "I planted the seeds of my new life in 2010, the flowers appeared in 2015 and today I am harvesting the fruits," he summarizes.


Realize his dream


For all that, will he drop his coaching activity? No. Because of this initially food job, a revelation appeared to him: bodies become sick because they do not come true. The teachings he followed and his personal history have shown him that each one carries deep inside him the path which leads to happiness and fulfillment ... on condition of learning to listen to oneself, to open up, to remove his blinders, to ignore the eyes of others, not to be afraid, to gain self-confidence, to believe in it!


Mature, serene, Alain today reconciles his 25-year career as a captain of industry and his passion for the invisible and magic, the soul that acts, he explains. He managed to converge the handling of the healer's crystal and his business consultant laser pointer. How? 'Or' What ? By intervening earlier, before the discomfort turns into pain.


Acting most often from a distance, he always unties blockages and diseases in presence, but, like a flavor enhancer sprinkled on the unconscious, he listens and accompanies those who come to see him until they emerge in them the powers that they don't know how to own. “The goal of curing everything remains the same, only the procedure has changed,” he explains.


Alain has accomplished a real tour de force: achieving his dream while helping everyone to achieve theirs, in regained health.

Portrait written by foucault-dumas.ch